Create a stress-free homeschool experience with the Homeschool Starter System

No other system is designed to help you:

  • Take control of your homeschool
  • Plan your meals and household duties
  • Create a solid homeschool plan

Whether you are an experienced homeschooler or a new homeschooler, The Homeschool Starter System is designed to help you easily manage ALL of the pieces of your busy homeschool life!


$95 Value - ONLY $15.99!

"I love how this resource is laid out! The planner and guidebook have been so helpful during our transition from school to home!"

— Danielle


Ever feel overwhelmed and unsure if you're even doing the right things for your children? Am I going to fail them and let them down?

I've been there! 

And as a busy wife, mom, and small business owner, I feel that unrelenting pressure to try and have the perfect homeschool, give my child the perfect education with confidence, and try to manage all of life's other challenges. It can be exhausting and scary!

I wanted to find a resource that could help me bring order to the chaos, know what my next steps should be, and an overall handbook on homeschooling.

But I couldn’t find it. So I decided to create it instead. 

And the Homeschool Starter System was born.

Yes! I Want This!

"I was really overwhelmed when we moved from public school to homeschooling this year. This has been a tremendous resource! It has helped me lay out a solid plan for every aspect of my homeschooling life. If I get stuck on something I just turn to the resource binder for guidance. This is a MUST for any homeschooling family! Thank you!"

— Jody


  • Homeschool Resource Binder ($25 value): This binder is your go-to homeschool manual. Want to know how to help your ADHD child? Turn to that section for the best tips and advice! Stuck on reading? We've got you covered there as well! A true manual to walk you through all the ups and downs you might encounter
  • Homeschool Life Management Course ($45 value): Ready to find some peace in your homeschool? This course will teach you how to manage everything from your daily household chores right down to simply getting more things done each day!
  • 5 Day Stress-Free Homeschool EBook ($10 value): Find out how to create the perfect homeschooling plan specifically for your family. You'll learn how to create a solid routine and schedule that will give peace of mind!
  • Kid Chore Packet ($5 value): Get your children helping around the house with this fun chore system for kids. Different printable charts to choose from!
  • Homeschool Planner ($10 value): Plan your homeschool out from start to finish with this beautiful planner. Track attendance, plan field trips, and so much more! Includes reflection pages and curriculum planning pages.


$95 Value - ONLY $15.99!